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Stratecasts continues to lead the revolution to transform and modernize metallurgical industries. Since 1986, we have been providing proprietary access to:

  • New Metallurgical Technologies
  • Market Forecasts & Trends
  • Census Data
  • Import/Export Trade Analysis
  • Global Risks & Opportunities
  • Expert Editorials & White Papers
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Tomorrow’s world demands a response today

Industry Concerns
  • Foreign Competition Domestic IP loss
  • Labor Cost, Availability, Retention
  • Pricing pressures
  • Lack of Government Import Regulation
  • Liquidity, Cash-flow
  • Updating Equipment, Automation
  • Government Environmental Compliance Costs
  • Increasing Raw Material Costs & Availability
  • Market Platform Changes


  • You need to stay competitive in today’s global metal casting/forging marketplace.
  • Take advantage of the newest technological developments in Light-weight & Matrix-nano materials, Bi-film quality processes, Advanced Robotics, 3-D Metal & Sand Printing, Real-Time Market & Process 4.0 IoT custom dashboards.
  • Use Stratecasts Proprietary Research and Data tools to accurately predict where the Metalcasting and Forging markets are headed and how to re-position.
  • Re-align your facilities to be as safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible as possible.

Being informed and adapting to change is key to staying competitive in the ever-changing global metallurgical marketplace.

Turn Risk into Opportunity !

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Stratecasts’ Mission drives modernization of critical metallurgical markets using real data, dissemination of information, new technology, industry products, and individualized consulting to meet those needs.

Put Stratecasts’ decades of experience and expertise to work for your business. Stratecasts is ready when you are.