New Technologies

In today’s globally crowded cast and forged product marketplace,
being state-of-the-art is crucial for staying competitive.

Stratecasts is dedicated to delivering these new technologies


Stratecasts is heavily invested in Bi-film reduction technology and process deliverables to provide the lowest defect casting techniques.

Advanced Robotics

Stratecasts is recognized as the expert team for global metalcasting robotics and automation with proprietary solutions. Providing CNC & adaptive compliant force-controlled Robotic Solutions, including automatic tool-path programming.


Stratecasts is dedicated to introducing new, environmentally friendly light-weight alloys, nano composites, and matrix solutions. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous.

Stratecasts analyzes the impacts of electric and hydrogen vehicle platform needs as related to existing combustion engine casting/forging deliverables.

Metalcasting/Forging 4.0 IoT

Stratecasts replaces traditional metalcasting and forging practices with automation and AI secure technologies to increase production, profitability, and quality, while improving worker safety and reducing environmental impact.

Stratecasts IoT Industry 4.0 also means delivering custom client Dashboards including:

  • Customized competitive forecasts
  • Real-time market & import/export shipping data tracking
  • KPI & process analytic summaries
  • Subject matter expert technical analysis.