What We Do

Stratecasts targets challenges
facing Metalcasting & Forging industries.


  • Research
  • Consultancy
  • New Technologies

Stratecasts Clients

  • Operating Metalcasters and Forges that need to understand market gaps and forecast demand with specific deep granular emphasis on process and future metallurgical changes
  • Global Metallurgical Trade Associations that require global trends and analysis and dissemination of big data.
  • Metallurgical Market Investors that require analysis and specific company key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as Stratecasts’ views on operating financials.
  • Government Entities that require import/export dumping and environmental impact data, as well as census. Additionally, they may require a deep dive competitive analysis of the threats posed to their respective demographic.
  • Metallurgical Market Equipment and Consumable Manufacturers that require census and market data in granular form.

Stratecasts Market Data Solutions

Since 1986 Stratecasts has globally published a bi-annual “Industry Census” plus three “Forecasts & Trends” annual books with over 550 pages and 400 data charts, including granular data by process, alloy, and use.

Stratecasts’ deliverables are now digitally interactive and re-create its proprietary DNA for the IoT, Industry 4.0, 5G age.

Stratecasts also publishes White papers and Executive Editorials.

Stratecasts’ Subscription Reports

Stratecasts Technical Operational Solutions

  • Critical Light-weighting and Environmental research
  • Capex Project Development/EPCM Management
  • Introduction of innovative products in critical metallurgical areas
  • Metals Light-weighting, new Nano and Matrix Alloys
  • Environmental compliance with low carbon footprint systems
  • Industry 4.0. IoT factory management systems
  • Custom client (AI) real-time factory and market & process analytics
  • Expert Metalcasting Robotics for process and complex auto-grinding

Stratecasts Advantage

Stratecasts prides itself on Neutrality.

Stratecasts does not accept client advertising. Stratecasts is only funded by subscriptions, consulting fees, and sales of its publications.

There are no advertisers guiding Stratecasts editorial policies or final conclusions, positive or negative. Stratecasts provides neutral “State of the Industry” editorials, technical papers, and research.